What is the difference between latex paint and paint? Which one is better?


Many people who do not understand the decoration will n […]

Many people who do not understand the decoration will not be able to tell which is the latex paint and which is the paint, and even think that the two are the same, but the name is different. In fact, latex paint and paint are different, and their respective characteristics are also different. The differences and characteristics of latex paint and paint are mainly reflected in the following three aspects.

1. Security
Because the two are different types of paint quality products, many owners generally compare latex paint to paint. But I don't know the difference between latex paint and paint. What about paint? Generally it is poisonous and the taste is still very heavy, but the paint is more decorative and has its unique characteristics in terms of corrosion resistance, water resistance, chemical resistance, temperature resistance and light exposure.

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From the decorative point of view, the biggest feature of latex paint is that it dries quickly, has excellent alkali resistance, is non-toxic, safe and tasteless. Even in a ventilated environment, construction and painting will not cause any harm to the human body, and it has very advantageous advantages in terms of breathability, protection, waterproof and moisture resistance, and covering.

2. Coating properties
Compared with paint, the biggest difference between latex paint and paint is the difference in its own paint. This is also because of the root cause difference caused by the miscellaneous substances in the production of the two. Latex paint is mixed with water, so it is a water-based paint, and the paint is more oily, and it is an organic solvent, so it is an oily paint. So this is the biggest difference between the two. Of course, the two also have small differences in decorative effects. This can also be said to be the most essential difference between latex paint and paint.

3. Decoration location
If it is necessary to decorate and paint the interior walls of the home, it is best to recommend that you buy latex paint, because latex paint is specifically used for interior wall decoration, using water as a medium, it is very convenient to construct, whether it is safe, breathable There are good advantages in terms of sex and washing resistance. Manufacturers can make different colors of paints according to the needs of consumers. What about paint? The range of decoration is wider, not only the inner wall can be painted, but also used for the decoration of the outer wall. There are many types and different ranges of use, so the last difference between latex paint and paint is that the two have different decoration ranges, or different positions for painting.

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