What types of wall coatings are there?


With people's economic affluence, more and more people […]

With people's economic affluence, more and more people like to build houses and decorate their fixed assets. The house is one of the major events in life. Many people like to decorate their external walls when decorating. The decorative materials used are not only ceramic tiles, but some people like to use paint to coat external or internal walls. Any material has a cost, and many people do not have a clear concept of price, so decoration often exceeds budget. In fact, product prices and coating types are closely related. What types of wall coatings are there? Today, let's take a look at what kinds of wall coatings are available.

What kind of wall coatings are there

The first type: thin outer wall paint: fine texture, more economical material, can also be used for interior wall decoration, including flat paint, sand wall, mica paint. Most colored acrylic paints are thin coatings. Its characteristics are water resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, antifreeze, etc.

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The second category: Multi-layer pattern coating: This coating is a new type of architectural coating with aggregates based on acrylate emulsion and polymer materials. The pattern is uneven and has a three-dimensional effect.

The third category: color sand coating: using dyed quartz sand and porcelain mica powder as the main raw materials, the color is novel and crystal clear.

The fourth category: thick paint: you can spray, you can paint, you can roll, you can brush, you can also make different texture patterns. It has good waterproof performance, alkali resistance, pollution resistance, good weather resistance, easy construction and maintenance.

How to choose wall paint

1. From the performance point of view, if you buy a good wall coating, it is relatively free of VOC. Otherwise, these gases will cause decoration pollution. It is more cost-effective to buy this coating. At present, the solid content of different coatings on the market varies greatly. Coatings with low solids content may be cheaper, but if you want to brush to the same thickness and fullness, you must buy more; or to buy the same amount of paint, you only need a thin brush, the thickness of the film is, the fullness is not enough.

2. A good paint solvent evaporates faster, and smells no strange smell after a few days of application. Some paints smell a little fragrant when painted, but in fact it is harmful. The reason why it is more fragrant is that the toluene and xylene aromatics contained in this paint are still somewhat toxic. The really good paint is a little nose when you apply it after opening the jar, but after a day or two it has no taste.

3. The environmental protection performance of paint, good paint and toxic and harmful substances are very low. The toxic and harmful substances in the paint include the volatile solvent VOC, so it is harmful to the body. Of course, benzene and toluene in the paint are also harmful to health. Lead, mercury, and other heavy metals such as cadmium are very harmful to humans, especially children. Therefore, the national mandatory standards have very strict requirements on the content of these substances in paints.

Not only do people need to seriously decorate the interior walls of the house, but the exterior walls can also be painted. You need to know that whether it is an interior wall or an exterior wall, paint is actually one of the most important materials. Because the brand is different and the consumption level in different places is different, the price will be different. But if you choose a brand of paint, then all aspects of love are more transparent, and the price is the same. Everyone likes to choose some brand products when choosing paint.

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