How to choose decoration paint?


1. Choose the color according to the orientation of the […]

1. Choose the color according to the orientation of the room

The east-facing rooms are darkened earlier due to the first exposure to sunlight and the earliest departure, so the use of light warm colors is often the most safe. South-facing rooms have the longest hours of sunshine. The use of cool colors often makes people feel more comfortable and the effect of the room is more charming. The west-facing room is influenced by the strongest setting sun of the day, and it seems to be more comfortable to use dark colors. Since there is no direct sunlight in the north-facing room, you should tend to use warm colors when choosing colors, and the chroma should be light.

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2. choose the color according to the shape of the room

The difference in color makes people feel different about the shape of the room. For example, cool colors can make the lower ceiling look higher and make the narrow room wider. Using dark colors on the far wall of the room will Make that wall move forward. So you can choose the color according to the shape of the room and the effect you want to achieve. ,

3. Choose the color according to the use of the room

First of all, we can choose the color of the painting according to the purpose of the room. For example, the bedroom is a place to relax, so the color should be ordered and warm; the kitchen is always suitable for light colors, but pay attention to use warm colors; study It's the opposite of reading and thinking. You should use light and calming colors; corridors and entrance halls only serve as passages, so you can use colors boldly.

4. the top surface generally uses light colors

The top of the room is the place that affects the overall feeling of the room, so the room must use light colors, because light colors make people relaxed, while dark colors often make people feel heavy and depressed. Generally, the treatment of the room is mostly from top to bottom, from light to dark, such as the ceiling and wall of the room are white and light, the wall skirt is white and light, and the skirting is dark, which will give a light weight. The sense of stability of the lower weight, on the contrary, the upper depth and the shallower will give a top-heavy depression.

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