What is the difference between fire-resistant coated board and fire-resistant board?


Although both the fireproof coating board and the firep […]

Although both the fireproof coating board and the fireproof board can be used for fireproofing of fireproof cables, their materials and usage are different. The material of the fireproof coating board is composed of rock wool and various fireproof materials. The second fireproof board is made of oxidation Made of magnesium.

Fireproof coated board
In fact, for the material of fire-resistant coated board, the range is very wide. From a technical point of view, this is just a layer, just like a paint layer, which can be applied to any required substrate to achieve the effect. The principle of the fire-resistant laminate is that a fire-retardant paint with a flame-retardant effect is sprayed evenly on the substrate to make it have a certain flame-retardant effect, but according to market feedback, this method, and Can't do much.

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Fireproof board
For the fireproof board, there is only one kind of fireproof board that is really used for decoration. That is, kraft paper and decorative colored paper are impregnated with melamine and phenolic resin. After a high temperature of 150 degrees and a pressure of 1430 pounds per square inch, it lasts for an hour. After revision, quality inspection and delivery, and then handed over to the customer, the most important thing for the fireproof board is actually two steps. The first is the raw materials. The high-quality fireproof board must be processed with imported kraft paper. Many Small domestic manufacturers use ordinary kraft paper or other unqualified paper for the production of fireproof boards. It is conceivable that the quality of the products produced in this way is not much better. Another particularly important point is that after the production of the manufacturer, the qualified ones will be sent to the authoritative quality inspection agency for inspection to ensure that their products are qualified, and those that can withstand the inspection are good products.

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