What are the precautions in the decoration?


Tiling, the first thing with a physical texture Before […]

Tiling, the first thing with a physical texture
Before tiling, buy a floor drain.
After finishing waterproofing and brushing, you are ready to tiling.
In addition to the normal tile attention, the tiles are soaked in water and dry; the broken tiles are left for cutting. I personally emphasize the overall beauty of the tiles. Simply put, the bricks on the wall should not be less than 10 cm wide. This situation is often encountered when tiling bricks. For example, the wall width of 1 meter, the brick is 32 * 32cm, the normal method of sticking, 3 whole 1 small. However, for 32 × 3 = 96, 1 ​​cm of space should be reserved, and the small brick can only be 3 cm wide.
As long as you tell the bricklayer master in advance, the width of the brick on the wall should not be less than 10 cm. He will cut bricks on both sides. Taking the example of the 1 meter wide wall just now, it becomes 2 whole 2 small. 32 × 2 = 64, reserve a 1 cm hook, and the small bricks on both sides are 17.5cm each. In this way, it seems that the two sides are not only symmetrical, but the entire wall will not have a narrow one there.
However, this method costs bricks, and please make a fortune before buying bricks.

Oiler goes into battle, scrub brush scrub brush
If you do n’t buy finished doors, let the workers do it.
Prague BLG334
Note: Any carpentry work, even if it is just a pass, must follow this step, the large core board sinks, and the veneer veneer can be painted. When doing oil blending, there are those irresponsible workers who are lazy and brush oil directly on the big core board, which is absolutely wrong. Don't believe the bullshit that sells large core boards individually, it's no problem to apply oil directly on them. Remember, if you apply the oil directly, it wo n’t take long to crack, and remember to remember.
Now do not use brushes, but spray instead of mixing oil. It is best to let workers spray the inside of the door and the meter box together in white, which is beautiful without waste.
There is nothing to say about painting walls. Leveling, sanding and rolling brushes are good or bad. They absolutely depend on the craftsmanship of your oiler.
Everyone needs to be reminded that if you want to paint the walls, you must pay attention to color mixing. The color you adjust is lighter than the color card. You must not be the same as or darker than the color card, otherwise you will regret it. Because the topcoat is painted at least twice, and some three times, the color of the upper wall will be darker than the first.
Regarding whether the method of painting is spraying or rolling, the benevolent see the benevolence and the wise see the wisdom. I use roller coating, I have never tried spraying. It is said that the effect of spraying is better, but once it is damaged, it will be difficult to repair the paint.

(8) Wallpapers, beautiful walls
Applying wallpaper is much better than painting wall paint.
After the wall paint is painted, the oil union paints the nitro paint in the place where the wallpaper needs to be applied, the paint can be dried out the next day, and then the master can be asked to paste the wallpaper. At first, I was worried that wallpapering would make the white wall dirty, but I learned later that it was really clean! My worries are completely unnecessary.
Note: Do not open the window for ventilation within 48 hours after the wallpaper is posted, let it dry slowly.
Say okay to the master, if some places are warped, please trouble him to repair it.

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