How many kinds of plugging materials are used for fireproof coating?


There are many kinds of fire-resistant coated board mat […]

There are many kinds of fire-resistant coated board materials, including inorganic fire-stopping materials, organic fire-stopping materials, fire-stopping bags, fire-stopping nets, fire-stopping rings, fire-stopping tapes, fire-proof sealing strips, flexible fire-proofing roll materials, fire-proof adhesives, etc.

Fire blocking materials include: fire blocking plates, foam blocking materials, flame retardant modules, fireproof sealants, flexible organic blocking materials, inorganic blocking materials and fire retardant packages.

       Fire retardant bag
The bag-shaped object made by packaging the fireproof material is suitable for the fireproof sealing of larger holes or the fireproof separation of the cable bridge (fire retardant package is also called fireproof package or fireproof package).

Inorganic blocking material
Powdered solid with inorganic material as the main component, when used in admixture with an admixture, it has appropriate ease.

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Organic blocking material
Uses organic materials as adhesives, has certain flexibility or plasticity when used, and the product is a thick liquid or clay-like object.

Fire resistance module
The solid made of fireproof material with certain shape and size can be cut and drilled conveniently, suitable for fireproof sealing of holes or cable bridges.

Blocking plate
The board made of fireproof material can be cut and drilled conveniently, which is suitable for fireproofing and sealing of large holes.

Foam plugging
Fireproof material that can expand and foam itself and seal the hole after being injected into the hole.

Fire resistance strap
A flexible, coilable ribbon product made of fireproof material, wrapped around the outer surface of a plastic pipe, and wrapped with steel tape or fixed in other appropriate ways. After a fire, the pipe expands and squeezes to soften the pipe. Holes left by softening.

sealing strip
Products or flexible coils with certain geometric shapes made of fireproof materials.

Liquid fireproof material with fireproof sealing function.

Fire Ring
Products made of fireproof materials and metal shells are sheathed on the outer surface of plastic pipes. After fire, they expand and block the holes left by burning or softening when the plastic pipes pass through holes in walls, floors, etc.

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