What environmental crisis is facing traditional color-coated panels


What environmental crisis is facing traditional color-c […]

What environmental crisis is facing traditional color-coated panels

The traditional color-coated board production method follows the production process of solvent coating roller coating. The biggest advantage of this production process is that it can be coated uniformly at a high speed to realize large-scale production, so as to meet the large demand for color-coated plates in economic development. However, the use of solvent paint roller coating has serious pollution problems. Solvent paint contains volatile benzene, toluene, xylene, butyl acetate, acetone and other irritating and toxic substances, which volatilize a large amount of VOC gas into the air. Currently one of the most important culprits causing smog. Since the implementation of the most stringent Air Pollution Prevention and Control Law in 2016, the color-coated sheet industry has received close attention.

Environmental protection coating is the general trend.

The self-developed powder color-coated board is a high-end color-coated board for the high-corrosion field. It is coated by high-speed electrostatic powder spraying process. It is also called electrostatic spraying color board, powder spraying color board, and electrostatic powder color coating board. The thickness of the paint film can reach 300μm, the anti-corrosion performance is 5-6 times that of ordinary color-coated panels, the processing performance is excellent, and the paint can not be peeled off at 180 degrees. The representative.

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