What are the performance advantages of powder color coated boards


What are the performance advantages of powder color coa […]

What are the performance advantages of powder color coated boards

Powder color-coated board uses Coated sheet suppliers  instead of paint as the coating, and adopts international advanced technology to realize the coating forming at one time. The production line is fully automated, green and clean production, equipment and coating materials have a number of national invention patents, completely innovating the traditional color-coated board production method, and changing the disadvantages of heavy paint pollution, unsafe operation and high energy consumption in the original process , The raw materials used in powder coating are based on a variety of high-performance new materials, do not contain any solvents, zero VOC, energy saving, safety and environmental protection, adhesion, weather resistance, corrosion resistance, etc.

The production unit is an automatic strip steel powder color coating unit, which has the functions of pre-processing, one coating and one drying, and cold coating. The design and production process speed is 120m/min, the large plate width is 1250mm, and the maximum thickness is 1.5mm. The thickness of the coating is normally 45μm/25μm. Through the adjustment of the powder and coating parameters, the thickness can reach 120μm. It only needs one spray and one curing to complete, which greatly reduces operating costs.

The pre-treatment adopts degreasing and water washing methods, which can ensure the integrity of the zinc layer while removing the oil and impurities on the surface of the substrate, and effectively extend the service life of the color-coated plate. The process section is powder electrostatic coating, and the powder is Sai Gao special The fast-curing thin-coating powder developed for the coil, and the coating equipment is all imported from abroad to ensure the uniformity of the film thickness.

Observing the surface of the coating under a high-power microscope, there are many holes on the surface of the paint board, and the surface of the powder-coated board is flat and smooth. This prevents the longitudinal penetration of water molecules, oxygen, and corrosive substances in the air from the coating

The color of the powder-coated plate is rich and colorful, and the effect is various. It has the effects of matt plane, high-gloss plane, sand pattern, metal flashing sand pattern, chameleon, wood pattern, etc., and can achieve multiple functions such as high temperature resistance, antibacterial, flame retardant, and self-cleaning.

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