What is the purpose of the coating


What is the purpose of the coating Color-coated steel p […]

What is the purpose of the coating

Color-coated steel plates and steel strips refer to composite materials made by coating one or more layers of organic paint on the surface of a metal substrate after a color roller coating unit.

The purpose of the coating is to apply paint on the surface of the object in various ways to form a dry protective film, so that it has the properties of resistance to atmospheric corrosion and pollution to protect the substrate, while giving color, luster, pattern,Coated sheet factory  smoothness, and three-dimensionality. , Good touch and other advantages, make the object beautiful.

In addition, under special circumstances, there are also products for electrical insulation, fire prevention, anti-bacteria, anti-insect, adhesion, marking, color adjustment, temperature indication, etc.

Coating: Coating thickness control is a key parameter in the production process of color coated sheets. There are two control methods for coating thickness control: one is using pressure sensors, and the other is using magnetic scale control.

We use the magnetic scale + pressure sensor technology. The magnetic scale is used for control between the lifting roller, the metering roller and the coating roller, and the pressure sensor is used for the control between the coating roller and the strip. The position value between the rollers and the pressure value between the coating roller and the strip steel are displayed on the operation screen, and the thickness is controlled within ±1μ.

Roll coating is a coating method in which a certain thickness of wet coating is formed on a roller (roller), and then part or all of the wet coating is transferred to the object to be coated. It is suitable for the production of flat or strip coatings, and is characterized by fast speed and high production efficiency.

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