Can I use toughened paint for interior decoration?


There are many types of decoration paints on the market […]

There are many types of decoration paints on the market, which are dazzling. As a novice, many people do not know what kind of paint should be used for interior decoration walls. Many people will ask, can interior decoration walls be toughened?

The answer is yes. Tempered paint belongs to a kind of interior wall paint, which should belong to a category of wall paint according to architectural paint classification. Most of the toughened coatings on the market are made of polyvinyl alcohol or polyvinyl formal as the main film-forming substance. This type of coating has effects such as toughening and anti-ceramic. The coating is hard, elegant in style, white and bright, delicate in touch, has no traces of scratches, scrub resistance, bump resistance, no powdering, and no cracking, it is an ideal new indoor material.

Characteristics of tempered coatings

Artistic light and shadow LKY303A

①Good effect
The finish is good (the finish looks like porcelain, and the side view is like a mirror). Toughened paint has many functions, such as insect repellent, anticorrosion, anti-radiation, anti-ultraviolet, soundproof and flame retardant, etc. Wet rub resistance, heat resistance, adhesion, frost resistance, etc., have a qualitative breakthrough and leap than traditional coatings.
②High hardness of tempered paint
It is a kind of material that enhances the hardness of construction. It has greater hardness and higher gloss than imitation porcelain.
③Long service life
Scrub resistance and dry scrub resistance more than 10,000 times; scientifically calculate the life of the finish according to the index of more than 15-20 years;
④High quality and low price
Tempered coatings are cheap to manufacture and are very suitable for warehouses and other places for painting or temporary decoration.
⑤Wide range of use
It can be used for interior wall coating and exterior wall decoration, and can also be converted into a variety of decorative colors instead of tiles.

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