What are the precautions for kitchen and bathroom decoration?


The decoration of the kitchen and bathroom is more spec […]

The decoration of the kitchen and bathroom is more special than the decoration of other rooms. There are some precautions to remind you:

First, the bathroom decoration notes are:
1. Choose a suitable floor drain: The slope of the bathroom floor should be considered before laying bricks. According to the slope of the national standard, it cannot achieve rapid drainage, and if you use a deodorant floor drain or an ultra-thin floor drain, it will greatly increase the difficulty of drainage But less odor.

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2. The pipeline is properly laid: for the pre-buried water pipe, it is necessary to pressurize and test the water, and then cover it again, so as not to leave hidden dangers.
3. Pay attention to waterproofing on the wall and ground: due to the heavy water vapor in the bathroom, the materials for interior decoration must be mainly waterproof materials.

Second, kitchen decorative materials matters needing attention:
1. The cabinet door of the wall cabinet: choose the cabinet door suitable for the height of your family to increase the pleasure of the kitchen.
2. The countertop design is reasonable: too high or too low the countertop will increase the burden on the waist, calculate the reasonable height of the countertop in advance, and improve the comfort of the kitchen.
3. Scattered items: Scattered items in the kitchen can be stored in a space-saving manner through various hardware pendants.
4. Planning and layout: understand the layout of your kitchen and make reasonable plans, try to allow the kitchen to store more items.

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