How long does it take to stay in a newly renovated house?


As people have higher and higher requirements for quali […]

As people have higher and higher requirements for quality of life, the requirements for house decoration have become more and more strict, but as far as the decoration materials on the market currently contain formaldehyde, the newly-renovated houses cannot be moved in immediately . The release period of formaldehyde is as long as 3 to 15 years. The best solution is ventilation + plant + formaldehyde eliminating agent.

If you do not exceed the standard, you can move in. The following suggestions are provided for your reference at check-in:
1. Light more candles indoors to produce carbon dioxide integrated indoor gas and accelerate oxidation.
2. Purchase a household ozone machine.
3. You can use pineapple by cutting the pineapple into pieces and placing it on a plate and placing it in the room and furniture.
4. Experts believe that the complete environmental protection concept should adopt the method of plant absorption and decomposition. If you put more plants indoors. Its effect is very obvious. It is recommended to put a few pots of green dill.
5. More ventilation. After 10 o'clock in the morning, ventilate for 20 minutes each morning, middle and night.
6. You can ask a professional company to deal with it. For example: photocatalysis technology, biodegradation technology, material sealing technology, physical adsorption technology, etc.
7. Air sterilizer produced by Beijing Zhongding Weiye Technology Development Co., Ltd. 600-700 yuan but the effect is unknown.
8. Put more pots of vinegar in the room. Formaldehyde is soluble in water.
9. Use common formaldehyde trapping agents on the market. Price reference: 600ml for 68 yuan (Tianyun brand).

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10. The air purifier is composed of pre-filter, sterilization electrode, dust collecting electrode, negative ion emitting electrode, high and low pressure automatic control box, etc. It can be used for indoor air purification, with dust removal, sterilization, deodorization and odor removal , Fresh air and other effects. It can remove fine particles such as flying dust, mold and mites in the air. Due to the high-frequency pulsed electric field, it can kill bacteria, deodorize, and remove odors. However, due to its large size and high price, the device is not suitable for home use.
15. Nano-material environmental protection technology painting. There is also a craft painting on the market, which adds nano-composite materials during the production process, and its degradation mechanism is to convert these harmful substances into carbon dioxide, water and organic acids that are not harmful to the human body under light conditions. Hanging your favorite paintings in the room, which is elegant and chic, and can purify the living room environment, is the best of both worlds. Generally, it is sufficient to hang a picture in the living room and living room. Newly-decorated rooms want to move in immediately or the pollution source is serious (many people often smoke). I hope that there are more air negative ions. You can also hang several pictures at the same time.
16. There is a portable ultraviolet sterilization and disinfection lamp for household sterilization and disinfection. It is especially suitable for the disinfection of air and articles in baby rooms, elderly rooms, kitchens, toilets, and living rooms. Because it has the function of timing switch or remote control switch, people can be protected from ultraviolet rays during disinfection. Due to the strong sterilizing power of ultraviolet rays, it is especially suitable for air-conditioned rooms or rooms with closed windows.
11. Putting orange peels, lemon peels and other items in the room is also a very effective way to deodorize, but they will not be very effective.
12. Put some tea leaves in the fruit saucer and put them in the newly decorated room.
13. White vinegar fumigated the entire room.

The best and most economical method: the method of plant absorption and decomposition
Plants that can absorb toxic chemicals
Aloe, Chlorophytum, Huolan, Yiyelan, Monstera are natural scavengers and can remove harmful substances in the air. Some studies have shown that Huolan and Chlorophytum can absorb more than 80% of the harmful gases in the room and have a strong ability to absorb formaldehyde. Aloe is also a good hand to absorb formaldehyde. It can absorb 90% of the formaldehyde contained in 1 cubic meter of air.
Ivy, iron tree, chrysanthemum, kumquat, pomegranate, Scutellaria barbata, rose flowers, camellia, pomegranate, Milan, daisy, plum, marigold, etc. can effectively remove sulfur dioxide, chlorine, ether, ethylene, carbon monoxide, nitrogen peroxide, etc Thing.
Orchid, osmanthus, wax plum, caladium, red back osmanthus, etc. are natural dust collectors, and their cilia can trap and absorb floating particles and soot in the air.

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