Where is the innovation? Powder-coated panels are different from ordinary color-coated panels


Where is the innovation? Powder-coated panels are diffe […]

Where is the innovation? Powder-coated panels are different from ordinary color-coated panels.

Dalian Meitou Steel Co., Ltd. specially supplies the product "Powder Color Coated Sheet", which is an ecologically intelligent modeling product at the forefront of the world. It is the research result of independent innovation in China. It has a number of national invention patents and completely innovates the traditional Coated sheet suppliers. The production method has changed the disadvantages of heavy paint pollution, unsafe operation, and high energy consumption in the original process. Many properties of the coating are better than traditional paint coatings.

Where is the "innovation" of powder-coated board?

①Different coating structure

Powder color-coated steel plate is a product formed by powder coating instead of paint as coating, continuous coating by electrostatic spraying, and one-time baking. The surface has the effects of matt plane, low-gloss plane, sand grain, metal flash sand grain, chameleon, wood grain, etc., as well as multiple functions such as antibacterial, flame retardant, and self-cleaning.

②Different coating materials

The powder coating is prepared by mixing resin, pigments, fillers, curing agents, and additives in a certain proportion, melt extruding, and then crushing and sieving. It has 100% solid content and exists as a powder. There is no "three wastes" in the manufacturing process, and there is no need to add solvents in the use process. Air is used as the dispersion medium and high-voltage electrostatic adsorption is used for coating.

Powder coating is an environmentally friendly product with four major characteristics: Efficiency, Economy, Economy, and Ecology. It is called "4E" coating internationally.

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