Organic coating steel plate is coated on cold-rolled strip


Organic coating steel plate is coated on cold-rolled st […]

Organic coating steel plate is coated on cold-rolled strip, hot-dip galvanized strip, electro-galvanized strip or aluminized strip with organic coating or plastic film, mainly on hot-dip galvanized and galvanized steel. Organic coating not only protects metal plates and prolongs the service life, but also can be made into various colored patterns to make the steel plate have a beautiful appearance, so it is also called "colored steel plate". Widely used as building materials, automobile manufacturing, electrical industry and raw materials for light industrial products such as refrigerators and washing machines. Organic coated steel plate was founded in the United States in about 1927, and an organic coated strip production line was completed in 1936. It spread to Europe and Japan in the early 1950s. In 1963, China started to produce plastic film laminated steel plates in Shanghai with hot rolled plates.

There are two kinds of organic coating steel plate production processes: roll coating and lamination. Before coating, the steel strip is cleaned, and then iron phosphate solution, zinc phosphate solution or mixed solution of phosphate and chromate is used for surface treatment according to the type of the original plate, and a bottom layer that is easy to be coated is formed on the surface of the substrate. The lamination method is a method in which the adhesive for a steel plate or a strip after the treatment and a plastic film are thermally bonded. The roller coating method is to prepare an organic coating into a slurry, and then apply the coating roller to the surface of the strip. The coated strip enters a baking oven and is heated to 260 ° C to volatilize the solvent and cure the coating. Generally, the secondary coating and secondary baking processes are used. There are many kinds of coatings for organic coating boards, mainly alkyd resin, epoxy resin, polyvinyl chloride and polyvinyl fluoride.

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