Water-based zinc-aluminum-chromium coating


Water-based zinc-aluminum-chromium coating has excellen […]

Water-based zinc-aluminum-chromium coating has excellent corrosion resistance, and its performance indicators are much better than ordinary electrogalvanizing, pot passivation layer and powder zincizing layer. At present, the amount of metal that requires anticorrosion treatment in machinery, chemical, power, shipbuilding, marine engineering and other industries is more than 100,000 tons per year, and the amount of sodium anticorrosion treatment in metallurgical, highway, and railway transportation industries is as high as 200,000-3.5 million tons. /year.

As the technological progress has not kept up, with the exception of individual industries, the anticorrosive treatment of most industries still uses galvanization. At present, the amount of workpieces for metal anticorrosion treatment using zinc-aluminum-chromium composite coating technology in China is at least 2.5 million tons, the actual use of slurry is about 28,000 tons, and the turnover of Beijing soot purifiers has reached 5 billion yuan.

With the introduction of water-based zinc-aluminum-chromium coated metal anticorrosive technology and the corresponding slurry into the market, the price of the slurry is only 1/4 of the price of imported similar slurry. In this way, the processing price per ton of processed objects and the traditional zinc plating price are Similar, and the anticorrosive effect is much better.

Environmental protection type high corrosion resistant zinc-aluminum-chromium composite coating anticorrosion technology is an environmentally-friendly clean production technology with international advanced level in the metal surface treatment industry. Its successful development and industrialized production have solved the surface corrosion of fasteners, structural parts, springs, high-strength parts of traditional technology vehicles, municipal engineering, railways, electric power and other industries to a certain extent, and their comprehensive corrosion resistance is excellent.

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