Benefits of different materials in the coating


Coating is a very important step in the production of d […]

Coating is a very important step in the production of decorative materials. This process is very important for the selection of materials.

Some benefits of different materials include:
Epoxy resins are easy to customize and accept fillers; in addition, they also have excellent high-shear properties.
Polyurethane has high flexibility and responds well to applications in thermal shock and corrosive environments.
Acrylic and methacrylic esters can bond different substrates well.
Silicones are widely used in sealing applications.

In the production process, measurement and mixing need to consider many characteristics of the material, including:
Viscosity and thixotropy of materials. For example, will the viscosity of the shear stress applied by stirring decrease? The characteristics of the feeding system and the metering system will change with the change of viscosity.
Specific gravity is the density of the material relative to water. In general, the specific gravity of different components in two or more sets of systems can be used.
The mixing ratio can be expressed as a weight or volume ratio.
Humidity sensitivity represents the hygroscopicity of the material. For polyurethane and other moisture-sensitive materials, it is recommended to use nitrogen or dry air coating, and use a lubricating seal on the pump shaft to isolate the material from moisture.
The pot life represents the service life of the material. Reactive chemicals have a pot life. A static mixer must be used to separate the reactive components. Otherwise, the solvent needs to be cleaned. With a high degree of concern for the environment, the handling of solvents has become a problem.

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