AlumiLok™ Coatings: Enhanced High Temperature Performance for Commercial Steels


Historically, the corrosion protection of iron and nick […]

Historically, the corrosion protection of iron and nickel-based alloys has been improved by aluminide diffusion coatings. The controlled diffusion of aluminum in iron and nickel-based alloys to form aluminum or iron aluminides can enhance their resistance to carburizing, sulfurizing, and oxidation. The main disadvantage of these diffusion coatings is to produce small, high-value components, but they are not suitable for cheap, high-volume production processes. They are usually formed using expensive techniques such as vapor phase or CVD aluminizing and filling cementation. Therefore, these technologies are limited to applications where the added value offsets the high cost of the technology.

AlumiLok ™ coating process

In contrast, AlumiLok ™ coating technology produces aluminized coatings through simple coating techniques and heat treatment methods. This technology provides excellent oxidation protection for a wide range of nickel alloys and stainless steels. This method can be adapted to cover the coating area and is very suitable for different pre- and post-coating manufacturing processes. This technology is widely used in components that require protection from oxidation or corrosion during large-scale manufacturing processes.

The AlumiLok ™ coating technology was evaluated in conjunction with standard manufacturing techniques to further increase the flexibility of the AlumiLok ™ coating process. The AlumiLok ™ coating process includes a coating phase and a heat treatment phase. Coating technology allows simple deposition processes to form clear coating patterns on simple and complex parts. Dip coating, roll coating, drainage casting and aerosol spraying are proven processes in the laboratory. This technique was found to be significantly cost-effective when coating pipes or sheet metal, and subsequently in forming the final part from the coating material.

AlumiLok ™ coating technology utilizes simple slurry coating and heat treatment procedures to produce coatings with corrosion resistance and microstructure similar to expensive vapor and bulk aluminization procedures. Coatings produced using AlumiLok ™ coating technology have excellent resistance to chromium volatilization, oxidation and scorch resistance on a wider range of ordinary stainless steels.

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