Difference between PE and PVDF coated aluminum plates


From the product name, we know that they are both color […]

From the product name, we know that they are both colored coated aluminum plates, and the two coated aluminum plates are the most commonly used on the market. In fact, PVDF fluorocarbon-coated aluminum sheet and PE polyester-coated aluminum sheet have different specifications, uses and original coating materials.

First of all, PE polyester and PVDDF fluorocarbon are two chemical substances, and both polyester and fluorocarbon are coating materials used for the surface coating of aluminum plates. The surface of high-quality PVDF color-coated aluminum plate should have a strong metallic luster, with clear colors and a strong three-dimensional effect. PE polyester-coated aluminum plate is used for interior wall decoration, it will not change color for 5-10 years, and the normal thickness is 1.5-2.5mm. Although PVDF fluorocarbon coated aluminum sheet is used for outdoor roof and exterior wall decoration, its thickness is 2.5mm-4mm. You can distinguish between PVDF fluorocarbon coated aluminum sheet and PE polyester coated aluminum sheet by looking at whether it is applied to indoor or outdoor decoration.

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