Why do pre-painted aluminum coils need to do a good job of detecting metal ions in water


Color-coated aluminum coils need to be tested in detail […]

Color-coated aluminum coils need to be tested in detail during the production process. In order to make all parts more accurate and meet the production standards, in order to discharge wastewater normally, the detection of metal ions in the water after production is a work that is often required. , The following briefly introduces the detection of metal ions in water for color-coated aluminum coils.

The content of Na ions in the color-coated aluminum coil is calculated by measuring the amount of alkali. Using phenolphthalein as an indicator, the HCl standard solution is titrated until the red color of the solution disappears as the end point. Aluminium Coated Sheet The amount of hydroxide is calculated from the amount of HCl consumed to calculate the sodium The content of ions. The content of divalent Ni ions was developed with diacetyl oxime in the ammonia medium of citrate, the absorbance was measured at 450nm, and pure nickel was used as the standard curve to calculate its content.

If you have studied the R&D and production of color-coated aluminum coils, you will find that the production of aluminum coils has to go through a series of treatments. During this process, a lot of waste water will be generated, which prevents the water from containing a lot of metal ions. Some people are harmful to the human body. , It can only be discharged after special treatment.

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