What is the cause of the phenomenon of rain leakage in the color steel plate house?


The color steel plate roof is made of qualified color s […]

The color steel plate roof is made of qualified color steel plate, and the roof is built with color steel tiles, so that rainwater is not easy to accumulate on the roof when it rains, and it prevents the roof from being damaged due to insufficient pressure due to excessive rain Sometimes the color steel tile will leak in a small area.
The color steel tile itself is light in weight and quick to build. The effective use area is large. The advantages of easy industrial production, etc., have been widely used in building roofs, but due to various reasons such as design, construction, materials, etc., Coated sheet how to remedy the leakage of color steel tile roofs!
   1. The color steel tile is deformed due to the production and transportation process, improper construction operation, poor quality of the color steel tile, and insufficient load bearing after the person goes up, causing the color steel tile to deform.
  2. The effect of natural force majeure and other external forces, especially the windy weather, can easily cause the color steel tile roof to vibrate for a long time, causing the nail holes and the iron joints to wear for a long time, and rust when it encounters rain.
   3. Why does the self-tapping nail have a rubber pad and it will leak water?
   (1) Excessive force of the self-tapping nail during construction has damaged the rubber pad.
   (2) The rubber mat is easy to age and lose its waterproof function. After being exposed to wind, sun and rain for a long time, the color steel tile roof is gradually aging.
  4. The main reasons for the deformation of the color steel tile roof:
   (1) The roof span is large, and over time, water accumulates in the middle, and the gravity in the middle increases. The more rain, the more serious the deformation, and even the roof collapse.
   (2) Roofs with mineral wool, mineral wool has the effect of absorbing water. In rainy days, all the rainwater leaking from the roof gathers in the mineral wool, which increases its weight.
   (3) When the roof is hot in the Xiamen season, heavy rain falls suddenly, causing the color steel tile temperature to drop sharply, the color steel tile shrinks rapidly, causing the color panel to deform and the nails to loosen.
  5. Water seepage in the water-washed part of the bumps across the foot of the roof wall: Use cement to wipe the corners, sealant or waterproof paint for waterproof maintenance. Cement and metal are not connected, showing cracks. Coatings or sealants with small elongation will also show larger cracks.
   6. Why does the rain flow back? The back-flowing water scene is a unique scene of the color steel tile roof. The necessary conditions for its composition are:
   (1) Ventilation inside and outside the backflow water. In rainy days, there is a difference in air pressure between indoors and outdoors, and the low air pressure inside sucks in rainwater.
   (2) The strong wind outside has formed an air duct in the ventilating area, and the strong wind has blown the rain in.

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