What is the role of exterior wall coatings in construction work


What is the role of exterior wall coatings in construct […]

What is the role of exterior wall coatings in construction work

The beauty of exterior wall decoration is an important factor in attracting buyers. Therefore, many developers spend a lot of time on the beauty and design of the exterior facade, which also proves the buyer's recognition of the beautiful and generous exterior facade. Compared with the traditional exterior wall roller coating sheet  with bricks, after a long period of wind and sun, the mortar between the wall tiles and the exterior wall will fall off, and the wall tiles will fall from a high altitude, which is prone to injury and damage.

In view of this, exterior wall coating, as a new exterior wall construction technology, is not only beautiful and elegant, but also solves the problem of easy falling off of wall tiles. At present, in the construction of exterior wall and wall coatings, painting trolleys are usually used for mechanical operations. First install a vertical track on the exterior wall. The painting trolley is installed on the track and can move along the length of the track to paint on the trolley. A horizontally arranged roller coating roller is installed. The roller coating roller is covered with a roller coating cotton sleeve that matches the rotation of the roller coating roller. One end of the roller coating roller is provided with a feed hole along its axis. A plurality of feeding holes are connected to the discharge port, and the feeding hole is connected to a paint delivery pipe. The roller-coating cotton sleeve is against the wall. When the painting trolley moves, the roller-coating cotton sleeve can roll on the wall. At the same time, the paint delivery pipe conveys the paint to the feed hole, and the paint overflows from the discharge port to the roller-coating cotton sleeve. Finally, the paint is applied to the wall by rolling the cotton sleeve on the wall. However, the working range of the roller coating roller is limited by the length of the paint delivery pipe. The higher the building, the longer the length of the paint delivery pipe, which will inevitably increase the construction cost.

In addition, after the coating operation is completed, a large amount of paint remains in the paint delivery pipe for the coating rollers, and manual post-maintenance is required to discharge the paint in the pipe to avoid hardening and clogging of the paint in the pipe and increase worker maintenance. The workload and labor intensity of the work.

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