What are the requirements of aluminum skin for decoration applications


The aluminum skin has a novel structure, light weight, […]

The aluminum skin has a novel structure, light weight, and very strong durability. The elongation of the aluminum plate is very high, because its relative elongation will be 10% higher, and it can also accept high twists and will not break, so Its patience is very strong. It is easy to install and save resources. Everyone knows that the most traditional way to build an exterior wall is to use cement, sand, water and other Aluminium Coated Sheet materials. There are a lot of materials used, and a lot of waste will be generated after withdrawal, which causes a lot of waste. Construction waste, using this kind of thermal insulation aluminum skin is not only very comfortable, but also convenient and environmentally friendly.
The decoration of aluminum skin is very strong. It is very different from other insulation board mechanisms. It can directly bond the rigid polyurethane with geothermal conductivity and high insulation function to the back of the formed aluminum board through infusion and foaming very firmly.
1. The variety, quality, color and shape of the aluminum skin should meet the design requirements.
2. The installation and connection of the aluminum skin is suitable for cored aluminum rivets with a pitch of 120mm.
3. When installing the aluminum skin, the surface is flat and vertical, the corners should be prefabricated aluminum skin, and should be closely overlapped, correctly handle the top and inner and outer corners of the curtain wall to prevent water leakage.
4. The insulating material and density should meet the design requirements, and should be full without leaving a gap.
5. During the glue injection process of aluminum skin, the glue injection part should be clean to prevent the glue from being too large or being polluted by dust.
In addition, we should pay special attention to the storage method of aluminum skin. Aluminum skin should be stored in a dry place and not in contact with water, because once in contact with water, the surface of the aluminum skin will be oxidized. During transportation, it must be covered with tarpaulin. When stacked, it must not touch the ground. Place them separately, pay attention to the smooth surface when installing, and the glue injection part should be clean and non-polluting. Store the aluminum skin in a warehouse. If conditions do not permit it, even if it is placed in an outdoor environment, it needs to be protected with a rain cloth to prevent the surface of the aluminum skin from being oxidized due to rain and moisture. During transportation, the aluminum skin must be covered with thatched cloth to prevent rain and snow from intruding. The storage environment of the aluminum skin should be dry, bright, well-ventilated and non-corrosive, and it should be protected from rain and snow. When storing the aluminum skin, the bottom must be separated from the ground and the distance from the ground should be greater than 10 cm. It is stored with chemical materials and wet materials.

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