How to distinguish the quality of thermal insulation aluminum plate


Nowadays, with the development of economy and society, […]

Nowadays, with the development of economy and society, heat-insulating aluminum panels are being used more and more widely in various fields, so mastering the identification skills of heat-insulating aluminum panels becomes very important. Let’s take a look at this together:
1. Check whether the surface of the heat-insulating aluminum plate is smooth, without corrugation, bubbling, shelter, or scratches.
2. Measure whether the thermal insulation aluminum board meets the international requirements, the inner wall board is 3mm, and the outer wall board is 4mm.
3. Fold a corner of the thermal insulation aluminum plate, Coated sheet suppliers it is not PE material or adulteration that is easy to break.
4. Burn the intermediate material of the thermal insulation aluminum plate, the real PE will burn completely, and the doping will cause impurities after the fake combustion.
5. When the planing groove is bent, check whether the front side is broken.
6. Drop of methyl ethyl ketone to identify the fluorocarbon coating of the exterior wall panel, drop of xylene to identify the coating of the interior wall panel, wipe off the reagent after 5 minutes to see if the bottom is exposed.
You can ask for the quality inspection report, warranty certificate, and ISO-9002 international quality certification of the insulation aluminum plate manufacturer. The manufacturers who own these are produced by regular manufacturers, which can guarantee the product quality, the same price is better than the quality, and the same quality is better than the price.

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