The direct ceiling can be directly decorated on the underside of the structure


The direct ceiling can be directly decorated on the und […]

The direct ceiling can be directly decorated on the underside of the structure above the space using paint, wallpaper, wall covering and other facing materials. In addition to the above-mentioned facing materials, the suspended ceiling also requires hanging ribs, keels and finishes. Complex ceiling system consisting of layers, these materials are mostly prefabricated by engineering, so the construction is convenient and fast.

Cladding material refers to the material applied to the surface of the ceiling, which can be divided into two types: base plate and decorative plate. The base plate shall be decorated with corresponding decoration on its surface, such as paper wallpaper, paint coating, etc. The decorative plate does not need to be finished because of its own color, pattern and texture.

If transparent, translucent, reflective materials such as glass and plastic are used, natural or artificial light can pass through the ceiling, making the entire space evenly illuminated and seeing the sky. The use of lenses makes the space appear taller, which is very useful for low spaces.

Common ceiling cladding panels: 1, gypsum board, mineral wool board, calcium silicate board

Gypsum board: including plasterboard and decorative plasterboard. The surface of the gypsum board can be painted and smeared. The decorative gypsum board is made of building gypsum as the main raw material, blended with fibers and additives, and cast into the decorative board. The board surface can be divided into plane, perforated or embossed pattern.

Mineral wool board: using slag wool as the main raw material, adding appropriate amount of auxiliary materials such as adhesive, and making it by hot pressing, drying, veneering, etc., the surface pattern is knurled, embossed, three-dimensional, full of stars, etc. There is no need to do the finishing treatment. The mineral wool board has a good sound-absorbing effect, as well as the advantages of light weight, fireproof, heat preservation, etc. It is convenient to construct, and the side uses the tongue or the tongue and the keel to match the keel. The open frame mineral wool board is placed directly on the keel, and the dark frame mineral wool board is inserted into the keel. Mostly used in offices, hospitals, shopping malls, etc.

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