For the design of indoor environmental art the decorative materials


For the design of indoor environmental art, the decorat […]

For the design of indoor environmental art, the decorative materials are like the relationship between “m and the woman”. Understanding the performance and application of various decorative materials is an important learning content for indoor environmental art design, and it needs to be continuously Learning and practice. Correct understanding of the performance of various materials in indoor environmental art design, reasonable combination of application of decorative materials is the basis for solving design problems and achieving design goals. The decorative materials not only provide a material basis for us to design, but also the personality and diversity of the decorative materials provide great possibilities and creative space for our design ideas.

In the interior design, the decorative materials can be fully utilized, which reflects the designer's familiarity with the decorative materials and the application skills, and is an important performance of the designer's design ability. Reasonable grasp of the performance of various decorative materials in interior design, selection of decorative materials to complete the design is an important part of the design process. Material selection and application are part of the design. In other words, the choice of decorative materials is the design. Skilled use of decorative materials for design is a process of continuous learning. Objectively speaking, constantly learning and understanding the performance use and decorative functions of decorative materials, and constantly carrying out design practice is one of the important ways for designers to improve the design level and create excellent works.

With the advancement of technology, new decorative materials continue to emerge, further enriching the types of materials used in indoor environmental art design, providing a broader creative space for indoor environmental art design. At the same time, the deterioration of the living environment of modern human beings, the improvement of awareness of environmental protection, and the higher requirements for the selection and use of interior decoration materials. Some decorative materials that are backward in performance, do not have environmental protection requirements, safety requirements, and are easily damaged by the environment are gradually eliminated. New materials and technologies are widely used in solving environmental problems. Paying attention to the development of decorative materials, especially new materials and new processes, is our need to adapt to the development of modern design.

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