The difference between single curved aluminum plate and hyperbolic aluminum plate


In fact, our common wave-shaped aluminum plate is a sin […]

In fact, our common wave-shaped aluminum plate is a single-curved aluminum plate, and what about a hyperbolic aluminum plate? Hyperbolic aluminum plate refers to the overlapping of two different arcs on the same panel, that is to say, the arc drawn from a different circle center into two radii, whether it is a single-curved aluminum plate or a hyperbolic aluminum plate, the production process It is quite complicated.roller coating sheet The entire processing process has great requirements on the hardware and software of processing manufacturers. Generally, small processing manufacturers cannot produce curved aluminum plates, and large manufacturers have this ability.
Many people think that curved aluminum plates are nothing more than aluminum plates with a certain degree of curvature. In fact, curved aluminum plates can be subdivided into single-curved aluminum plates, hyperbolic aluminum plates, spherical aluminum plates, etc. The process difficulty is gradually complicated, and the overall arc calculation must be performed first. Then use laser seamless welding, polishing, etc. to form a curved surface or sphere. The entire processing process and subsequent surface painting are very time-consuming and labor-intensive, and the cost is naturally not cheap.
Below we analyze the respective characteristics and application scope of the single-curve aluminum plate and the hyperbolic aluminum plate:
The single-curved aluminum plate is light in weight, strong in rigidity, can create a multi-level space and can be designed in a variety of colors to be applied to more buildings.
Single-curved aluminum panels are mainly used on outdoor cladding columns, curved or spherical architectural curtain walls, and double-curved aluminum panels have a good appearance display effect. It can create personalized buildings, and it can be designed and processed according to various customer requirements To meet the individual construction requirements of the construction party, the hyperbolic aluminum plate adopts the internal structure for waterproofing and is sealed, which guarantees its excellent waterproof performance to a greater extent. On the surface of the hyperbolic aluminum plate, various colors of paint can also be sprayed to further Enhance visual impact.
Summarizes so much and one more important point: the production of hyperbolic aluminum plates is relatively difficult, and the requirements for machine accuracy and the operation requirements of skilled workers are relatively high, so hyperbolic aluminum plates have strong technical content. Compared with conventional aluminum plates, single-curved aluminum plates and hyperbolic aluminum plates have the characteristics of light weight, good rigidity, high strength, fire-proof and moisture-proof installation and maintenance, and long service life. It is precisely because of its unique arc shape that it makes up for the uselessness of conventional aluminum plates. Because the lines of the exterior wall decorations move from the wall to the design of some curved curves on the curved building, it highlights the flexible and changeable artistic atmosphere.

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