How to prevent damage to aluminum alloy coils


Aluminum alloy coils are widely used, but if they are n […]

Aluminum alloy coils are widely used, but if they are not handled properly, surface damage will occur. So how to prevent the damage of aluminum alloy coils?

1. Strictly control the quality problems before the alloy aluminum coil leaves the factory, and strengthen the control of the quality of the alloy aluminum coil.
2. When the surface of the alloy aluminum coil is damaged, use soft felt to block it from the auxiliary device, and try to reduce the touch damage between it and the auxiliary device.
3. In the production of alloy aluminum coils, handle with care, try to prevent dragging or turning the profile at will, and try to avoid damage to the surface.
4. When placing the alloy aluminum coil in the material frame, it should be placed reasonably to prevent conflict and friction with each other.
5. When the alloy aluminum coil is repairing the mold, the mold is regularly nitrided and the nitriding technology is strictly implemented.

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