How to distinguish the quality problems of aluminum skin?


Aluminum skin is actually a thin sheet of aluminum, whi […]

Aluminum skin is actually a thin sheet of aluminum, which can be flat or rolled when delivered. Because iron sheet does not have the effect of rust prevention, aluminum sheet has completely replaced iron sheet at present, and aluminum sheet is one of the more commonly used products in aluminum sheet and strip materials.

Aluminum skin is widely used in pipe insulation and packaging and has good advantages. Because the specific gravity of aluminum skin is 2.71, it determines that the weight of aluminum skin per square meter is very light, which can save a lot of raw materials and reduce costs for enterprises; aluminum skin has the advantages of aluminum Features, bright and clean exterior, has played a certain aesthetic effect. And in the later stage, there is no need to worry that the product will appear rusty, which is convenient for construction. Aluminum has high plasticity and can be easily bent and wound, which greatly improves work efficiency.

The use determines the thickness and material of the aluminum skin. Nowadays, aluminum skin is often used in the insulation industry. Therefore, the diameter of the insulation pipe should be considered when choosing aluminum skin. The larger the diameter, the thicker the thickness of the aluminum skin. The commonly used aluminum skins are 0.5 and 0.8mm, and the width is generally one meter wide, which is convenient for construction. In terms of material, if you don’t have special requirements for strength, you can choose 1060. If you have special requirements for strength and material, you can choose 3003 with a higher price. Other materials are too expensive to use for anti-corrosion and thermal insulation aluminum skin. Here It is not recommended to choose.
How to look at the quality of aluminum skin: The quality of aluminum skin can be distinguished by appearance, flatness and thickness tolerance. The surface of high-quality aluminum skin is free of oil, color difference and scratches. This can be distinguished by the appearance when buying aluminum skin, so it is recommended that users who have no experience in purchasing aluminum skin can distinguish the quality of aluminum skin through the simplest surface, choose high-quality aluminum skin, or flatten the aluminum skin. Spread on the ground, you can see whether the aluminum skin has undulating waves. The high-quality aluminum skin has been corrected without obvious wavy lines. The thickness needs to be measured with a professional micrometer. After the above steps, you can choose Good quality aluminum skin.

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