How to deal with scratches on the surface of aluminum skin


In the process of aluminum skin processing, scratches a […]

In the process of aluminum skin processing, scratches are easy to appear on the surface, which is usually caused by improper processing, which leads to surface damage and seriously affects the appearance of the aluminum skin. However, the scratches have already appeared, which requires the manufacturer to take certain measures to deal with it.
1. When producing aluminum skin, pay attention to the production of the mold line. After the line is generated, the mold needs to be loaded in time to stop production.
2. The working belt on the aluminum die needs to Aluminium Coated Sheet be polished and smooth, whether the empty knife of the extrusion die is enough, and the surface is smooth.
3. Handle with care during production and handling, try to avoid dragging the aluminum skin at will, and discharging the bare industrial aluminum profiles or graphite strips of the track or rotating bed with hard inclusions. When hard pieces come into contact with the aluminum skin,
4. Avoid scratching on the surface of the aluminum plate.
5. Similarly, in the process of CNC processing orange peel aluminum coil aluminum skin, it is also necessary to prevent the residual aluminum slag on the fixture from being scratched.
6. In the process of sawing aluminum, the sawdust should be cleaned up in time for each sawing to prevent secondary scratches, avoid aluminum skins and avoid mutual friction.
For the treatment of surface scratches on aluminum skin, in short, there are two methods: physical and chemical methods. The physical methods are mechanical polishing, detailed sandblasting, wire drawing, etc. Generally, this method is used for deep scratches. Chemical methods usually use chemical reagents for polishing. In short, chemical reagents are used to corrode the surface of aluminum skin, especially if the scratches have sharp edges, the corrosion rate is relatively fast. After chemical polishing, lighter scratches can be completely eliminated. The chemically polished material has a bright and beautiful appearance. Usually, the two methods are used together, and the appearance of the aluminum skin can achieve a good decorative effect.

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