Whether cracks appear on the surface of the patterned aluminum plate will affect the quality


  The quality of the product should be an importan […]


The quality of the product should be an important factor in the price of the product. Why is the price of our product different? First of all, we must first understand the quality of it! A product can only be of good quality and quality, even if the price is high, everyone will choose to buy it. This shows that the quality of the product is important to the product! For example, the purchase of Wuxi patterned aluminum plates, roller coating aluminium sheet  It is a product that is widely used in many enterprises. The main difference between it and ordinary aluminum plate lies in its patterned appearance.
How to choose pattern aluminum plate:

1. First of all, when we look at the aluminum plate, we must first check the logo: whether the aluminum alloy profile and packaging are marked with the product certificate and production license number.

2. Surface quality: In addition to cleaning the surface of aluminum alloy profiles, no defects such as cracks, peeling, corrosion and bubbles are allowed, and corrosion spots, electric burns (oxidized electrode points), black spots, and oxide film peeling are not allowed. And other defects. It also depends on the color and gloss of the aluminum profile surface, whether there is a color difference. The darker the color, the more impurities.

Wuxi pattern aluminum plate

3. Oxide film thickness: The oxide film of anodized aluminum profile is formed in acid-base solution by electrifying both ends of the aluminum profile. It has protective and decorative effects and can be detected by an eddy current thickness gauge. Generally, the thickness of the oxide film is between 8 and 15μ. The thicker the oxide film, the more resistant it is to corrosion, and the higher the cost of oxidation.

4. Sealing quality: There are many gaps on the surface of the aluminum profile after anodization. If it is not sealed or the sealing is not good, the corrosion resistance of the aluminum profile will be reduced. .The commonly used methods of sealing quality inspection are acid leaching method, admittance method and phosphobutyric acid method. The acid leaching method is generally used in the on-site inspection, that is, the surface of the aluminum profile is scrubbed with acetone to remove oil and dust, and 50% nitric acid by volume is dropped on the surface and gently scrubbed. After 1 minute, the nitric acid is washed off with water and then wipe dry. Drop a drop of medical purple medicine onto the surface. After 1 minute, wipe off the purple medicine and clean the surface. Observe the traces carefully. The poorly sealed aluminum profile will leave obvious traces. The heavier the trace, the worse the sealing quality.

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