Where is the "innovation" of powder-coated board?


①Different coating structure Powder color coated steel […]

①Different coating structure

Powder color coated steel plate is a product that powder coating replaces paint as the coating, and is continuously coated by electrostatic spraying, and baked into a product at one time. The surface has the effects of matt flat surface, low-light flat surface, Coated sheet suppliers and texture, metal flashing sand texture, chameleon, wood texture, etc., as well as multiple functions such as antibacterial, flame retardant, and self-cleaning.

②Different coating materials

The powder coating is prepared by mixing resin, pigments, fillers, curing agents, and additives in a certain proportion, melt extruding, and then crushing and sieving. It has 100% solid content and exists as a powder. There is no "three wastes" during the manufacturing process, and there is no need to add solvents during the use process. Air is used as the dispersion medium and high-voltage electrostatic adsorption is used for coating.

Powder coating is an environmentally friendly product with four major characteristics: Efficiency, Economy, and Ecology. It is called "4E" coating internationally.

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