Where does the phenomenon of blackening aluminum skin appear?


As we all know, the surface of qualified aluminum skin […]

As we all know, the surface of qualified aluminum skin is smooth and has high gloss. However, many customers receive the aluminum skin surface not only like clouds, piece by piece, but also pieces of black pressed objects attached to the surface of the aluminum skin, which not only affects the use, but also affects the appearance. So, the following editor will give you an analysis of the reasons for this situation:

First of all, the aluminum skin becomes black and accompanied by cloud-like attachments on the surface of the aluminum skin. In fact, the aluminum skin is corroded. The aluminum skin will corrode in a special environment, that is, in a salt water medium or a corrosive atmosphere. Generally speaking, it will corrode when exposed to water or moisture.
Secondly, there are three main factors affecting roller coating sheet the stress corrosion of aluminum skin, namely environmental factors, metallurgical factors and stress factors. These three restrict each other: The main environmental factors that affect the stress corrosion of aluminum skin are: oxygen. Ion species. Solution pH and other gases. Corrosion inhibitor. Ambient temperature. Environmental pressure. There are several factors of ion concentration. The aluminum skin itself has good gloss, good corrosion resistance, good tensile strength and good ductility.

We must pay attention to the process of purchasing aluminum skins, we must explain to the transportation personnel during the transportation period, and the carriages for transporting aluminum skins must be kept clean. dry. There are no contaminants, and it is forbidden to put it together with chemically active substances and wet goods. The gondola should be covered with rain cloth before departure to ensure that it will not be corroded by rain or snow. After the aluminum sheet arrives on site, it cannot be stored in the open air. It should be placed in the warehouse in time and the warehouse should be kept clean. dry. No corrosive gas, to further ensure that the aluminum skin is not corroded by rain and snow, and is not corroded by moisture.

At this time, some special customers will ask, if we are a coastal city by the sea, how can we ensure that the aluminum skin is not corroded by moisture? The editor recommends that after the aluminum skin is placed in the warehouse, the outer packaging of the aluminum skin should be opened and stored under the condition that the warehouse is safe, rain-proof and there is no moisture in the warehouse, so that our aluminum skin will not be affected by external forces. Causes corrosion, which affects the usability of the aluminum skin.

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