What should be paid attention to during the reprocessing of aluminum plates


  First of all, the deep processing of Aluminium C […]


First of all, the deep processing of Aluminium Coated Sheet must pay attention to the choice of plates. The hardness of aluminum plates is relatively high and it is very easy to break. Therefore, the raw materials must be checked well, and the aluminum materials of better quality must be selected. When buying aluminum plate, you need to check its grade and status, and then choose the grade of aluminum plate according to the requirements of the drawing.

Then the aluminum plate deep processing should pay attention to the protection work during the transportation and processing of the aluminum plate. The specific requirement is to process in strict accordance with the customer's requirements to reduce the damage of parts during the transportation process. In addition, in the process of aluminum plate processing, you must pay attention to the placement of aluminum plate parts, and they must be placed in the designated position, which is very convenient to handle and place.

Secondly, the deep processing of aluminum plates should pay attention to the problem of punching on the surface of the parts. The gap between the upper and lower molds of the tool needs to be adjusted before the aluminum plate is cut and punched, because the gap between the aluminum plates should be reduced compared to the cutting of ordinary cold-rolled plates. Some, so that the burrs of the punching incision can be avoided to the greatest extent.

Finally, attention should be paid to the bending of the aluminum plate during the deep processing of the aluminum plate. Its bending principle is to increase the inner angle of the bending as much as possible under the conditions of the product use, so as to avoid the internal structure of the plate from being damaged, but it needs Note that the bending direction of the aluminum plate must be vertical, not parallel.

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