What is the use of aluminum sheet in industry?


Aluminum flakes are the most widely used aluminum produ […]

Aluminum flakes are the most widely used aluminum products, not only in daily life, but also in industrial applications. Its application in industry can be the application of railway trains on aluminum sheets,

Aluminum application sheets and plates can be used in automobiles,

Apply aluminum sheet for ship floor,

Spacecraft in aluminum sheet applications.

Aluminum foil is mainly used in passenger car doors, joints, protective panels, bumpers and bumpers, covers, hoods, trunk lids, roof panels, front and rear covers, car doors, etc. in automobile manufacturing.
Currently, the 5 series aluminum flakes are the most widely used type in the shipbuilding industry. The 5 series aluminum-magnesium alloy has high strength, strong stress resistance, corrosion resistance, can adapt to the marine environment, low density, and good welding ability, making it very easy to process and form. It is mainly used for high-speed ships: hydrofoil boats, flying boats, yachts, Speed ​​boats, hovercrafts, sailboats, catamarans, patrol work boats, passenger ferries, etc.

The application of railway trains on aluminum foil is mainly used for structural panels, upper beams, eaves and bottom beams, truck parts, doors, windows and interior decoration, equipment control devices, water tanks, racks, chairs, ducts, wire racks, Signal command system instrumentation frame, ventilation and refrigeration air conditioning piping system, catenary transmission system, bus and clamps, etc.

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