What is the sound insulation effect of color coated board


  As a new type of raw material, color-coated boar […]


As a new type of raw material, color-coated board has gained widespread concern and use in the world. At this stage, it is widely used in the construction industry, so where is it different?

What is the uniqueness of color-coated board in sound insulation and noise reduction? In order to deal with the problem of poor sound insulation and noise reduction countermeasures, it can be installed on a color-coated high-density board, which has a very good sound insulation and noise reduction effect, and can also be installed with thermal insulation cotton.

In fact, you can only be neighbors and neighbors. The large living room made of color-coated panels is not a problem. It is just the habit of housing applications. If you think color-coated panels are beautiful, it is not clear whether the actual effect china Coated sheet of sound insulation and noise reduction should be normal. Naturally, wooden floors and support frames cannot be made of colored stainless steel plates. The foundation load structure of the house is also steel concrete.

Most building decoration materials are higher than pre-painted panels, but if you want to compare them with wood-based panels, pre-painted panels will be very high. The color steel tile movable board house is lighter, and its service life is determined by the characteristics of connection installation and random laser cutting.

Simple house installation can further improve high efficiency and save time and effort. The surface material and insulation material of fire-resistant coiled steel are non-natural materials that meet the actual fire safety regulations of mobile houses. Practical experience, the color-coated board solved by the unique coating will have a shelf life of 35 years after 10 to 15 years.

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