What is the production technology of coating technology?


Domestic coating products are mainly galvanized or galv […]

Domestic coating products are mainly galvanized or galvanized alloy substrates coated with primer, and then further coated with topcoats with different functions to form coated panels for different purposes. grounding rod In addition to the ordinary construction and home appliance coated boards, there are also some functional coated boards. For example, self-cleaning board, antistatic board, environmental protection color coated board for household appliances, antibacterial board, electromagnetic noise shielding board, heat radiation board, etc.

After more than 20 years of development, my country's coating products have formed a relatively complete product series. Domestic galvanized and zinc alloy coating products include hot-dip galvanized GI, GL, GF, AlSi and electro-galvanized EG products, as well as hot-dip galvanized alloy outer plates representing hot-dip galvanizing technology level, hot-dip galvanized advanced high-strength steel products, automotive appliances With self-lubricating and phosphating plates, etc., the supply capacity has been formed, and the highest tensile strength of hot-dip galvanized products has reached 1180MPa. However, the proportion of alloy coating products is still very low, mainly GI and GA.

Coating technology refers to the production technology of producing high value-added steel products using hot coating, electroplating, organic, inorganic coatings and various post-treatment processes. Coating technology plays an important role in saving resources and energy, reducing emissions and protecting the environment, and promoting the harmonious development of humans and nature. At present, my country's color coating mainly uses the form of roller coating + drying.

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