What are the types of paint roller brushes? how to use


What are the types of paint roller brushes? how to use […]

What are the types of paint roller brushes? how to use

If you want to paint faster and better, you must prepare a roller brush for painting. It is said that using a paint roller brush can save twice the time, and the wall painted with a paint roller brush is more even and beautiful. If you want to use paint roller brushes better, you must know enough about paint roller brushes. Not only do you need to know the types of paint roller brushes? You also need to know the market price of paint roller brushes and how to use them. In this way, the paint roller brush can be operated better.

Classification of paint roller brushes. Roll sleeves are divided into sponge rollers, flannel rollers and rubber rollers according to the different materials of the attached fabrics. The napped sponge roller is used for the construction of three-dimensional napping effect of thick build paint and elastic paint. Rubber rollers generally engrave specific patterns on the surface, and are generally used to roll patterns on the wall, similar to wallpaper. Flannel roller is the most commonly used roller coating tool, its fabric is generally made of sheepskin, wool, polyester, acrylic, nylon, etc. According to the fabric hair height, it is divided into short hair, medium long hair, long hair and extra long hair.

How to use paint roller brush
1. Dip a clean roller brush into the paint bucket, wait for it to suck in a proper roller coating sheet amount of paint, and then roll it on the working surface. Roll in the horizontal direction first. As the paint on the roller is reduced, the rolling speed can be appropriately increased. When the paint on the roller is basically used up, roll in the vertical direction to flatten the uneven thickness of the paint until the spine is coated. . If you need a good gloss, you can use a bristle brush to brush it again. 2. The used roller brush does not need to be washed, just soak it in paint or clean water, and it can be used the next day. When a project is completed, it can be cleaned with gasoline or thinner. Generally, it can be cleaned in a paint tray. After cleaning, the sleeve is dried to loosen the fluff on the tube to prevent the fluff from tangling during storage. When storing, wrap the sleeve with kraft paper. The kraft paper is slightly wider than the sleeve. Tuck the excess part into the sleeve. It can also be wrapped in plastic cloth, but it must be perforated to allow air to circulate to prevent mildew. The sleeve should be stored in an upright position, otherwise the fluff will compress marks. The foam roller brush cannot be cleaned with gasoline, and should be wrapped in paper after cleaning.

Although the paint roller brushes are similar in appearance, a careful study of the bristles of the paint roller brush will reveal a big difference. In addition to the length of the bristles of the paint roller brush, the material of the paint roller bristles is also very different. Choose the paint roller brush. Be sure to pay attention to the details of the bristles. The method of using the paint roller brush is still very simple. When using the paint roller brush to paint the wall, two aspects need to be paid attention to: the amount of paint that the paint roller brushes and the speed of the paint roller brush.

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