What are the factors to be considered in the choice of coating


There are many factors to be considered in the choice o […]

There are many factors to be considered in the choice of coating, mainly including coating type, coating thickness, coating color and coating gloss. In addition, sometimes the requirements of primer and backside coating of the coating are also considered. The coating types currently used for color coated steel plates include polyester coating (PE), fluorocarbon coating (PVDF), silicon modified coating (SMP), high weather resistance coating (HDP),china Coated sheet acrylic coating, Polyurethane coating (PU), plastisol coating (PVC), etc.

At present, there are many functional color-coated steel plates, such as antibacterial color coating, anti-static color coating, thermal insulation color coating, self-cleaning color coating, net pattern color coating, aluminum-magnesium-manganese color coating, animal husbandry color coating, etc. These products are developed for the purpose of meeting the special needs of users, but sometimes they cannot take into account other properties of color-coated products. Therefore, users must respond to their real needs when choosing functional color-coated steel sheets.

For the choice of primer, there are two most important factors. One considers the adhesion of the primer, topcoat and substrate, and the second is that the primer provides most of the corrosion resistance of the coating. From this perspective, epoxy resin is the best choice. If you consider flexibility and UV resistance, you can also choose polyurethane primer.

For the back coating, the most correct choice is to choose a two-layer structure, that is, a back primer and a back top coat if the color-coated steel sheet is used in veneer. The primer is the same variety as the front, and the top coat is a layer of light colored (such as white) polyester. If the color-coated steel sheet is used in a composite or sandwich panel, coat the back with a layer of epoxy resin with excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance.

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