The roll coating plate is generally used for a ceiling veneer


The roll coating plate is generally used for a ceiling […]

The roll coating plate is generally used for a ceiling veneer or a honeycomb panel, and has a thickness of 0.6-1.2 mm. It is not advisable to use veneer for curtain wall. The reason is that the roller coated plate should not be subjected to sheet metal processing such as welding, grinding, and nailing. It is difficult to process into a complicated structure with complicated structure. The complicated sheet metal process will completely destroy the PVDF coating on the surface.

Spraying board is generally used for curtain wall, thickness 2.0-3.0mm. After forming the PVDF coating, it can be processed into a complex structure and shape. The rigidity, the reverse side of the sprayed plate, the ribs required according to the design requirements, and the mechanical connection by the welding of aluminum screws are firm and reliable. Reduce damage to the spray coating caused by accidental collision, machining, and welding.

Wear-resistance characteristics of building formwork Building formwork is an indispensable material for modern buildings. Because building formwork has many excellent characteristics, the application of building formwork is becoming more and more extensive. This has also promoted the development of building formwork manufacturers. Today we will look at the wear resistance of building formwork. The coated sheet is made of a layer of coating on the aluminum alloy. It is very wear-resistant as a piece of furniture, because its protective layer on the surface makes it as new after a long period of use. We all know that the coating on the surface of the coated board is relatively stable, and the aluminum alloy of the substrate is difficult to contact with air and moisture, so it is difficult to cause rusting reaction. Therefore, the furniture can be used for moisture in the bathroom. Strong place. Because the performance of building templates is stable and less affected by the external environment, building templates are also used in some furniture manufacturing industries with special environmental requirements.

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