The main purpose of the wall decoration is to protect the wall and beautify


 The main purpose of the wall decoration is to protect […]

 The main purpose of the wall decoration is to protect the wall and beautify the indoor environment. Wall materials can be divided into clay, paint, wallpaper, wall covering, artificial decorative board, stone, ceramic, glass, metal and so on.

Diatom mud is a modern new type of wall decoration material. Its raw material is diatomaceous earth, so it will be more environmentally friendly. Moreover, the texture of diatom mud is relatively delicate, and has the functions of adjusting humidity, sterilizing and deodorizing, purifying air and the like. However, diatom mud is not resistant to dirt, and the waterproof effect is not good. The biggest disadvantage of diatom mud is poor water resistance, and the price is relatively expensive. Therefore, you need to be careful when handling the diatom mud wall.
It has good water resistance, stain resistance and alkali resistance, low price, convenient construction, simple and generous, and convenient for later repair, so it is favored by many consumers. However, before the construction, it is necessary to keep the base layer of the wall dry, otherwise there will be foaming and falling off.
Glazed brick is a kind of decorative material in interior wall decoration. It is rich in color and varied in shape, which can meet different consumers. The glazed brick is waterproof and easy to clean. It is often used because of its smooth surface and beautiful color. In the kitchen and bathroom as wall tiles.

The wallpaper is a relatively simple one in the wall decoration material. It has many styles and is suitable for all kinds of home decoration styles, so it is very popular among users. Wallpapers are based on wallpaper, textile wallpapers, natural materials wallpapers, plastic wallpapers, fiberglass wallpapers. However, the wallpapers of different materials have different decorative effects, so when you buy wallpapers, you should choose the appropriate color matching according to the home decoration situation and style. Wallpapers are prone to uplift, cracking, discoloration, yellowing, mildew, etc. It is not durable, it is not resistant to water, moisture, mildew, damage, repair, poor fire resistance and high paving requirements. These are the defects of wallpaper.

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