The coated aluminum plate is very practical


The coated aluminum plate is very practical, and we kno […]

The coated aluminum plate is very practical, and we know that it has many performance characteristics as a packaging material, and it is also the most commonly used material at present;
The demand for coated aluminum sheet is huge. From the annual sales situation, the sales volume of coated aluminum sheet is very large, and it is increasing year by year, which is very good;
Coated aluminum plate is currently the best layer material, which can be said to be the most important. We can also compare other materials, which will be significantly different; therefore, the application prospects of coated aluminum plate are very wide It has played a vital role in economic development.
The main characteristics of color coated aluminum coil are as follows:
Flatness. The surface of the color-coated aluminum coil has been subjected to high temperature indentation treatment. There will be no residual stress on the surface of the plate, and it will not easily deform after shearing.
Decorative, mainly the surface is painted with wood grain, stone grain and other patterns, very realistic, has a strong physical sense, natural beauty is very good. The pattern can be individually designed according to the needs of customers, which can increase the connotation of the product, give consumers more beautiful feeling, and the space effect is very good.
Weather resistance, the pattern on the surface of color-coated aluminum coil is a pattern made by baking at high temperature. The gloss is very good, can be maintained for a long time, the color is stable, and the color difference does not change much. It won't break.
It has strong mechanical properties. Color-coated aluminum coil is made of high-quality aluminum and high-quality plastic under the action of adhesives. It adopts advanced technology and technology. The product has the ability to resist bending and bending. Deformation does not occur throughout the year.

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