Metallic printing color steel plate is a new type of new building decoration


Metallic printing color steel plate is a new type of ne […]

Metallic printing color steel plate is a new type of new building decoration material in recent years. It integrates many advantages such as ecology, environmental protection, energy saving, beautiful appearance and easy processing, and has a colorful decorative effect. Printed plates are available in a variety of design styles and colors, and can be superimposed to achieve any desired pattern. Thus, the architect's design philosophy has been broadened in an infinite way, and the living space of ordinary people has been beautified. Therefore, the printing plate has been widely recognized as being introduced to the market, and has been widely used in the fields of building curtain wall, interior decoration, advertising, automobile decoration, furniture manufacturing and the like. At the same time, it has also been widely used in urban landmarks such as airports, large stadiums, and theaters in major cities. With the continuous improvement of people's construction aesthetics, the printing plate will replace stone and wood in certain fields in the future, and become the most popular ideal environmental protection material.

The printing plate can not only meet the cutting, cutting, slotting, band sawing, drilling, cold bending, cold folding and other processing processes, but also riveting, bolting or bonding. It is light, easy to process and well formed. The processing and installation schedules are shortened to the greatest extent. Thereby improving the installation efficiency, reducing the installation cost, and saving time, labor, and money.

The printing pattern of the printing plate is formed by coating, baking and color control process, and baking at 270-320 °C. The pattern is clear, the color is rich, and the three-dimensional effect is strong. The specific production process is as follows: galvanized steel strip is used as the substrate on the continuous production unit, and the surface is pretreated (2 steps. The first step is degreasing: cleaning the stain attached to the surface of the strip; the second step: the surface of the strip After chemical treatment, increasing the affinity and adhesion of the primer and the strip, the layer is coated with one or more layers of liquid paint, and then the sheet obtained by baking and cooling is a coated steel sheet. The coating is chosen to be a solid color: color coated steel. The coating is chosen to have a color: printed color steel plate. At the same time, you can customize any pattern you expect by private order.

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