How to select and store aluminum plates?


1. How to choose aluminum sheet Ordinary consumers can […]

1. How to choose aluminum sheet
Ordinary consumers can use the simplest method to identify and visually inspect when buying aluminum plates. The surface of the substrate has good gloss, no cracks, aluminum ceiling sections, no blackening, graying, greening and other impurities, and then you can take a look The actual thickness of the cross-section coating, some inferior aluminum plates will increase the strength of the board with the thickness of the coating.
Some consumers generally think that the thicker the sheet is, the stronger the hardness, the better. In order to meet the requirements of these people, many manufacturers have one-sided pursuit of thickness and hardness. The surface treatment is sprayed with a layer of paint or some heavy recycled aluminum plates containing iron, lead, zinc, etc. are used to make gussets. The price of this substrate is Low, and its hardness and thickness are satisfactory.
This will lead to the uncontrollable proportion of alloy components, and the product is extremely easy to oxidize. At the same time, due to the large amount of recycled waste aluminum, its toxic and harmful metal components exceed the standard, and it is radioactive, Coated sheet suppliers causing greater radiation and damage to human cells, and serious harm. Human health. This is one of the reasons why there are still extremely low-priced aluminum gussets in the market where aluminum prices are rising day by day.
Therefore, partners who choose materials must keep their eyes open. First, they must choose a supplier that has been established for a long time and has a relatively high comprehensive customer evaluation. The European and American Integrity Aviation Aluminum Industry has been established for more than ten years and has been highly praised by the industry. The materials are all sourced from the world's five largest aviation material factories, with original material certificates, import and export declarations can also be provided, and on-site inspections of various suppliers, and all materials have strict procurement, warehousing and export procedures , To ensure the traceability of materials, and there is evidence to follow.
2. How to store aluminum plates
The user needs to store the aluminum plate for a few days after purchasing it, but it will be stored for a longer time under the condition of material preparation. If the aluminum plate is stored reasonably during this period of time, avoid problems caused by unreasonable storage?
Precautions for aluminum plate storage 1: Try to store the aluminum plate in the warehouse. If the conditions do not allow, even if it is placed in an outdoor environment, it needs to be protected with rain cloth to avoid the appearance of white spots on the surface of the aluminum plate due to rain and humidity.
Note 2: The aluminum plate must be covered with a thatch cloth during transportation to prevent the intrusion of rain and snow. The storage environment of the aluminum plate should be dry, bright, well ventilated, and non-corrosive. At the same time, it should be protected from rain, water, and snow. When the aluminum plate is stored, its bottom must be separated from the ground with a skid to keep the distance from the ground greater than 10cm. It is strictly prohibited to store together with chemical materials and wet materials.

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