Accurate non-stick coating tips


The production of a coating prototype usually starts th […]

The production of a coating prototype usually starts the application. After finding the ideal coating solution and calculating the application volume, the company can create custom tools as well as semi-automatic or fully automatic machines to meet the requirements from short-term to high-speed production.

The quality difference between applicators is usually determined by two main factors:
Conversely, the system must be designed to accurately meter the spray coating. Controls should be applied consistently within tight tolerances with minimal overpainting to save material costs.

Osterhout said: "With precise control of the coating, customers know that each part is actually identical to the part produced before or after (with a deviation of less than 1%)."

The parts are then cured through the oven. Infrared ovens with convection air usually take 1/3 of the curing time of a gas oven. For PTFE, the curing temperature should be as high as 850ºF.

To ensure this level of accuracy, some spray guns design and build their own production lines from scratch. These systems must be configured to accommodate parts of various sizes and geometries.

The surface must then be prepared before spraying. The pretreatment line may include automatic and manual blasting operations, as well as large and medium-sized drum blasting machines and medium-sized drum blasting machines. In order to optimize the adhesion of each coating, pretreatment must always be performed....

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